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Designed to Cross

The Glider™ PTCA Balloon Catheter is the only torqueable angioplasty balloon catheter. Combined with its unique balloon shape and state of the art tip technology, the Glider™ is designed to cross through tight lesions and stent struts even in conditions where other balloons are challenged. The unique design of the Glider™ provides physicians with a powerful tool in managing the treatment of a broad range of complex lesions.

Key Features

Shaft construction designed to:

  • Provide torqueability for the re-orientation of the tip away from obstacles
  • Provide trackability and extra pushability over anatomical curves and through tight lesions
  • Provide additional stability during balloon inflation even with short baloons

Unique balloon designed to:

  • Minimize side branch injuries and/or dissections
  • Optimize for focal lesions side branch ostium expansion
  • Available in ultra short 4.0mm length

State of the art tip design

  • Low tip entry profile
  • Facilitates crossing through tight lesions