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A New Dimension for Crossing

From the Glider family of balloons, the GliderfleX® PTA Balloon Catheter is designed to support a broad range of challenging angioplasty needs. This high performance Over-The-Wire (OTW) balloon features exceptional maneuverability and crossability. Combined with rapid inflation/ deflation times and controlled balloon compliance, GliderfleX® offers optimal results in treating distal peripheral vessels, especially in the lower extremities.

Key Features

Exceptional pushability

  • Unique "Slide lock" mechanism*
    • Designed for improved push transmission
    • Maintains straight balloon configuration during inflation
    • Prevents balloon bunching when crossing tight lesions

Flexibility and maneuverability

  • Continuous braided shaft
    • Allows easy maneuverability and resists kinking when navigating through a tortuous anatomy
    • Provides torque transmission to distal tip
    • Hydrophilic shaft coating to increase trackability

Clinical versatility

  • Available in a wide variety of diameters and lengths up to 300mm

* Patent pending


Glider Extreme
Platform : Over-the-Wire (OTW)
Balloon Material : Semi-compliant balloon
Shaft Length : 120cm (0.018" wire), 135cm (0.014" wire)
Guidewire Compatibility : 0.014"/ 0.018"