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Modulated dilatation

Designed to deliver optimal results without a permanent implant

Chocolate® represents a breakthrough in PTA design. Its unique nitinol constraining structure is designed to provide atraumatic dilatation in the treatment of blocked arteries.

Less trauma = Better acute results.

Key Features

Design: Unique nitinol "constraining structure" (CS) mounted on a semi compliant balloon

  • Reduces the strain and trauma induced on the vessel walls during inflation through the use of "pillows"
  • Uniformly distributes circumferential forces (calcific or eccentric lesions)
  • Modifies plaque via:
    • "Pillows": Vessel dilatation without cutting or scoring
    • "Grooves": Stress relief, plaque modification
  • Reduces dissections and may disrupt superficial calcium
  • Fast deflation, concentric, low secondary profile – facilitates lesion re-crossing after multiple inflation
    (click to view chart)
  • Does not elongate – minimizes stretching of the vessel during inflation
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"Grooves" designed to allow stress relief
[Pillows project beyond constraining structure]

Summary of features:

  • Controlled uniform inflation
    • Minimizes shear stress
    • Minimizes "dog-boning"
  • Pillows/valleys designed for
    • Less vessel displacement*
    • Less vessel trauma*
  • Increased contact surface
  • Braided shaft for improved push transmission

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