June 24, 2019
Update on FDA Panel Meeting on Paclitaxel Coated Products

January 16, 2019
Chocolate Touch® Drug-Coated Balloon IDE Study Expanded To Include Atherectomy

May 24, 2018
QT Vascular Enters Into Asset Purchase And Option Agreement With Teleflex

January 29, 2018
Medtronic Completes The Purchase Of QT Vascular’s Chocolate® PTA Balloon Catheter

September 4, 2017
QT Vascular Update on Manufacturing Transfer

July 31, 2017
QT Vascular Begins Enrollment in US Pivotal Study of its Drug-Coated Peripheral Balloon

July 3, 2017
QT Vascular Signs MOU with HK-Listed China VAST and SJZ High-Tech Zone to Explore Opportunities in China

June 21, 2017
TriReme Medical Reports Negative Late Lumen Loss At 24-Month Angiographic Follow-Up For Chocolate Heart™ Drug-Coated Coronary Balloon

May 12, 2017
QT Vascular Enters Into Asset Purchase Option Agreement With Medtronic

March 21, 2017
QT Vascular Secures Up to S$20 Million Capital Commitment from GEM Global

February 2, 2017
QT Vascular Signs Agreement with Medtronic for Distribution of Chocolate PTA Catheter

December 20, 2016
TriReme Medical Signs Agreement with HealthTrust

December 16, 2016
FDA Grants QT Vascular Full IDE Approval to begin Pivotal Trial of Its Drug-Coated Balloon, Chocolate Touch

November 11, 2016
QT Vascular Announces Federal Circuit Denies AngioScore Petition for Rehearing

September 19, 2016
QT Vascular Announces FDA has Granted Approval to Initiate the Pivotal Trial of Its Novel Drug-Coated Balloon

July 25, 2016
QT Vascular Announces Federal Circuit Reversing Adverse Judgement

July 7, 2016
QT Vascular Receives CE Mark Clearance for Chocolate Heart, A Novel Drug-Coated Coronary Balloon

June 27, 2016
QT Vascular Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Chocolate XD A Novel PTCA Balloon

April 25, 2016
QT Vascular Submits IDE Requesting Permission to Being Pivotal Trial of Its Drug-Coated Chocolate Balloon in The United States

February 11, 2016
QT Vascular Announces Another Positive Outcome in Litigation with Spectranetics/Angioscore

January 5, 2016
QT Vascular Announces Early Feasibility Outcomes of Chocolate Heart FIH Study

November 26, 2015
QT Vascular Announces Update to AngioScore Litigation

October 5, 2015
QT Vascular Announces Interim Clinical Trial Results of Chocolate Touch

September 30, 2015
QT Vascular Announces Positive Outcome in Spectranetics/AngioScore Patent Trial

September 7, 2015
QT Vascular Announces CE Mark Clearance of Chocolate Touch by LRQA 0088

August 31, 2015
QT Vascular Announces Final Results from BTK Cohort in Chocolate BAR

August 3, 2015
QT Vascular to Establish Drug-Coating Development Centre in Singapore with support from EDB

July 24, 2015
QT Vascular Obtains Funding to Boost Growth Through Issuance of Up to US$13.14 Million Convertible Bonds

July 14, 2015
QT Vascular Announces Notice of Allowance on Four New Patents

July 8, 2015
AngioScore Litigation – Additional Updates

July 2, 2015
AngioScore Litigation – Update

July 1, 2015
QT Vascular Secures US$12 Million of Convertible Bonds Funding

May 20, 2015
QT Vascular Announces First Patients Enrolled In Clinical Study of Chocolate Touch PTCA Coronary Drug-Coated Balloon

April 1, 2015
QT Vascular Announces Chocolate PTA Catheter Shonin Submitted in Japan

March 18, 2015
QT Vascular Products are Prominently Featured at Scottsdale Interventional Forum

January 20, 2015
QT Vascular Announces Approval and Launch of GliderXtreme in China

January 6, 2015
QT Vascular’s ENDURE Trial Surpasses Enrollment Milestone

December 10, 2014
QT Vascular Announces Key Patent Granted in Singapore

October 24, 2014
QT Vascular Announces Acquisition of Novel Technology for Interventional Treatment

September 15, 2014
First European Patients Enrolled in QT Vascular’s ENDURE Trial

August 26, 2014
QT Vascular Announces Issue of Key Patent in Japan

June 7, 2014
Money Mind Interview with QT Vascular’s CEO, Dr. Eitan Konstantino

June 5, 2014
QT Vascular Announces FDA Clearance of Chocolate PTCA Balloon Catheter

May 6, 2014
QT Vascular Initiates Chocolate® Cases in Singapore

March 24, 2014
First Patients Enrolled in a Clinical Study of Drug Coated Chocolate® Balloon

February 19, 2014
TriReme Medical Signs Distribution Agreement with Cordis Corporation

November 19, 2013
TriReme Medical and Japanese Partner Century Medical, Inc., Receive Shonin Approval for GliderXtreme PTA Catheter in Japan

April 22, 2013
TriReme Receives Shonin Approval to Market Glider™ PTCA Catheter

March 26, 2013
TriReme Announces Signing of a Master Distribution Agreement in China

November 27, 2012
TriReme Announces a New Round of Financing Totalling US$18 Million

July 16, 2012
TriReme Receives FDA Approval for Expanded Matrix of Novel Glider™ PTCA Balloon Catheter

June 19, 2012
TriReme Medical Receives FDA Clearance for Expanded Matrix of Sizes of Chocolate PTA Balloon Catheter

May 23, 2012
TriReme Medical, Inc. Receives FDA Approval for Glider™ PTCA Catheter

December 22, 2011
Quattro Vascular Pte Ltd Announces First Singaporean Intervention Medical Product to Receive FDA Approval

December 21, 2011
TriReme Medical, Inc. Receives FDA 510(K) Clearance for Chocolate PTA Balloon Catheter

May 9, 2011
TriReme Medical Lines Up Asian Strategy With Key Appointment of New Board Members

January 17, 2011
Quattro Vascular Pte Ltd Announces CE Mark Approval for Chocolate PTA Balloon Catheter

January 10, 2011
TriReme Medical Announces Japanese Alliance


Awards and Recognition

TriReme Medical was recognized by the City of Pleasanton, CA for its ongoing contributions to the strength of the economy locally and positive impacts to quality of life globally. In addition, TriReme Medical received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from U.S. Congressman Jerry McNerney. In addition, TriReme Medical also received a commendation from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors for our ongoing contributions to the strength of the local community and the positive global impacts to the quality of life for all who rely on our innovations.

City of Pleasanton
Congressional Recognition
The Board of Supervisors of Alameda, CA
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October 4, 2012