Vascular disease has long been one of the greatest sources of mortality and morbidity in the developed world. As globalization spreads and more countries grow wealthier, the incidence of vascular disease has now exploded across the world leading to vast numbers of patients suffering from symptoms associated with reduced blood flow in the vessels that lead to the heart, legs, and other parts of the body.1

At QT Vascular, we realize that effective business practices vary around the world and over time. By combining the best knowledge and resources of the Western and Eastern approach, and working closely with physicians, engineers and basic research scientists around the world, we are more efficient in identifying unmet clinical needs for the treatment of vascular disease. A focused team is then employed, to develop device designs and prototypes to address these needs, keeping in mind regulatory requirements in all major markets. In addition to its focus on developing products to treat vascular disease, QT Vascular aims to use the best of two worlds, global and local, by building geographic sales presence in the US and Asia, combining direct sales and targeted collaborations with experienced local partners.

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