We conduct research and development activities in a focused and strategic manner that accelerates the time to market of our innovative technologies. Our research and development programs involve partnerships with leading research institutions and clinicians.

In December 2010, we entered into a distribution agreement with Century Medical Inc for the distribution of our products in Japan.

In March 2013, we entered a distribution agreement with Weihai Weigao Medical Devices, Ltd. for the distribution of our peripheral products, the GliderXtreme PTA, GliderfleX PTA and Chocolate PTA in the People’s Republic of China.

In February 2014, we signed a distribution agreement with Cordis Corporation. Cordis currently distributes Chocolate PTA in the United States. We believe that these collaborations will continue to bring our customers innovative products and best in class customer service.

For more information about opportunities to work together with QT Vascular, please contact: